About Us

We are skilled in an area, concrete, that has long been static in how it is run and distributed. We use custom cuts and custom pours to take the industry to the next level including acid stained concrete, which is something that we have been at the forefront of. Creating a great way to preserve the concrete and to create a unique design, what we do is unlike that of any other companies.

We are the leader in acid stained concrete and have tested our product in a number of climates and environments. In all environments, the process was shown to prolong the life of the concrete and let it stand up to a great deal of weather and other things such as heat and cold. We install it for both commercial and residential jobs and have the skills needed to pour it over any existing project.

The future of the concrete industry

Is one that will demand more style and one that will demand that we innovate. We have done these things and will continue to innovate as the future sneaks up on us. Bringing the industry forward with our acid stained concrete is what we hope to do and we hope that our customers will continue to support us in our endeavor. Welcome to the future, a future that brings concrete into a new era and allows us to showcase a process that we have been working at and perfecting for years.